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My dad had a dream.
His health was failing and he wanted more than anything
to take his two grandsons to see his alma mater, the U.S. Naval
Unfortunately, my work as a doctor leaves me with very little time to
My sister’s a lawyer and has the same problem.
Between juggling our jobs and families, we just couldn’t find the time
to help our dad,
as much as we wanted to.
Things weren’t looking good for dad but Gino stepped in at the perfect
Gino was Dad’s nurse and when he heard of dad’s wish,
he volunteered to personally take dad and the boys on a trip to
Gino took care of all the details for us. He arranged the trip. He
drove the car and he did all the heavy lifting.
Dad had a blast and was able to give all his attention to what
mattered most: his grandsons.
Dad was able to share his memories and give the boys advice about
He bragged about being in the same class as Ross Perot.
He took the boys to a football game and showed them the hotdog stand
that he helped build that’s somehow still standing.
The boys were a big hit with the female midshipmen and Navy won that
day: 48-3
We will never forget what Gino did for our family and for dad. We are
forever appreciative.
They made my dad’s dream come true.

And they made his grandsons dream…

Hi, I’m Gino Fina, founder and CEO of Trip Trustees.

That trip changed my life too. It made me realize that there are
untold numbers of family members and friends out there who just need a
hand to take that trip. Maybe it’s a granddaughter’s wedding or a
school reunion. Maybe it’s a holiday gettogether or an exciting
journey to someplace new.
Whatever the need, Trip Trustees can help make your dream come true.
At TripTrustees.com, you can arrange a trip with one of our skilled,
local travel companions to take you anywhere you want to go.
Our companions are your neighbors. 100% of our travel companions are
proven, local community servants like off-duty local policemen,
firemen, registered nurses, paramedics, Masters of Social Work, and
Flight Attendants.
They have the skills, a demonstrated career of trusted service, and
the passion to help give you the peace of mind needed to plan that
trip you thought was out of reach.
We’ll take care of the details and we can even help give you
suggestions on where to go.
Just visit triptrustees.com and start your trip today.
You’ll be glad you did.

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American seniors aspire to travel.

Trip Trustees provides older Americans a connection to local Travel Assistants who display trust and reliability, from their careers in civic duty service and leadership in their own community.


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