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Respect for people that have served in, and retired from the military runs deep. “Thank you for your service” is something that I can’t say enough.  People appreciate that you put your life on the line to protect them.

People also know that you are a disciplined person and received the highest quality training. If you have retired from the military and want to put your skills to good use then why not become a part-time Travel Assistant with TripTrustees?

Our clients will be delighted to work with you if you have retired from the military. A lot of our clients are seniors that want a companion to help them on their trips. They would feel extremely comfortable to have you as their travel buddy. So what are the benefits to you of being a Travel Assistant?

Earn what you want, when you want

As a Travel Assistant with TripTrustees you can set your own daily rate. Travel Assistants earn more than you might think and we guarantee that you will be very happy with the remuneration that you receive.

Not only that, but you can choose when and how often you want to work as a Travel Assistant. Just because we offer you a gig doesn’t mean that you are obligated to accept it. Set your own schedule and just take the trips that appeal to you. 

You will be in demand

As a retired ex-military member you are respected and trusted by a large number of our clients. Some of them specifically request Travel Assistants that have been in the military. They know that they will be able to trust you and that your training and skills mean that you will be able to help them in all situations. Plus, you have a lot of experience traveling already.

As a Travel Assistant, it is always an advantage to plan ahead. If clients want to take a trip by plane, some may ask for your help organizing the details.  By planning these things together, and showing up on time when the day of travel arrives, you have already shown your tremendous values of attention to detail and punctuality. They will trust a disciplined ex-military person to take things in stride and at their pace.

You get to Travel again

Most people that were in the military traveled a lot. In fact, a lot of people joined the military specifically “to see the world.” Did you enjoy traveling in the military? Instead of travelling to places where you are likely to face hostility, you can now travel around with your client and just enjoy the process.

A lot of our clients want to travel within the United States, but some like to go further abroad to some pretty exotic locations. If this appeals to you, this may be just the opportunity to wipe the dust from your passport and enjoy helping someone travel while sharing a joyful experience with them.

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The Satisfaction of helping others

People hire Travel Assistants for a variety of reasons. Some seniors want a Travel Assistant because they cannot lift their luggage, drive or navigate, for example.  Others are anxious about the journey and just want a trusted companion.

As a Travel Assistant you can get a great deal of satisfaction by helping people realize their travel dreams. You can experience the joy of seeing them connect with their families or long lost friends, attend weddings, graduations…possibilities are endless. 

It’s easy to become a Travel Assistant with TripTrustees

Most ex military people make excellent Travel Assistants and we would be delighted to hear from you. You’ll need your DD-214.  Once you have that in hand, head to www.TripTrustees.com to apply/post your profile to become a Travel Assistant in your hometown.

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American seniors aspire to travel.

Trip Trustees provides older Americans a connection to local Travel Assistants who display trust and reliability, from their careers in civic duty service and leadership in their own community.


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