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Paramedics get a great deal of respect from the public at large and it is well deserved. You are in the business of helping people and saving lives.  You are in a very noble occupation. If you are a paramedic/EMT now, or have retired from the paramedic/EMT role, then we recommend that you consider becoming a travel assistant.

You are trained to respond to emergency situations and keep a cool head when other people are losing theirs. Maybe you are a volunteer paramedic/EMT and you are looking for a way to earn extra money using your skills and experience? At TripTrustees we are always eager to talk to paramedics/EMTs and welcome them into the travel assistant world.

Your experience and knowledge is valuable

Several clients that we help have medical issues. Some of our clients are seniors and they need someone to accompany them when they are making a trip due to their medical conditions. Other clients need help getting around and they will feel so much better with a trained paramedic/EMT by their side.

Our travel assistants have a variety of backgrounds. A number of our clients ask for a travel assistant that has medical knowledge and experience and a lot of them ask if we have any paramedics/EMTs available.

Some of our clients have not made a long trip in years and there are some that have never been on a plane before. The thought of traveling long distances terrifies them and they are concerned about their health during the journey. Having an experienced paramedic/EMT sitting beside them with good critical thinking skills will reassure them so that they can enjoy their trip.

Taking care of people

In your job as a paramedic/EMT you are used to looking after people and taking the right action to ensure that they are OK. You have to act fast and do the right thing and you probably had a number of life and death situations to deal with.

As a travel assistant it is pretty unlikely that you’ll have to do anything as stressful as you would in a normal paramedic/EMT role. If the client has a problem then you can act fast and use your experience and knowhow to help them. You will only be looking after one person or maybe a couple and the likelihood is that the trip will go without a hitch.

The client will be so thrilled to be travelling with an experienced paramedic/EMT, that they will be totally relaxed and a lot less anxious about the journey. This means that the trip is likely to be uneventful for you and all you will need to do is be there for the client when they need you.

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A very satisfying role

You probably became a paramedic/EMT because you wanted to help people. As a travel assistant you will be helping people and paid well for it. See how much your off-time is worth.

You will have the chance to really get to know your clients.. There is also the travel opportunity to visit places that you have never been to before.

We would love to hear from you if you are a current or retired paramedic/EMT.  It is really easy to apply to TripTrustees to become a travel assistant. You can create your profile at www.TripTrustees.com

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