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Are you a registered nurse who is looking for a great way to supplement your income? Maybe you have recently graduated and want to get rid of that student debt that you accumulated. Or maybe you are going to retire from nursing soon and want to embark on a new adventure?

A lot of nurses choose to become Travel Assistants. They not only do this for the money (earning additional income on their day’s off) but also for the other altruistic benefits that it brings. So if you have considered becoming a Travel Assistant then read on because there are some really great reasons why you should.

You will really help People

A lot of people need assistance when they travel. This is particularly true with seniors. They want to travel by plane or by some other means to meet up with their family and friends in far off locations. This can be national travel across the USA or even international travel on exotic vacations.

Your duties as a TripTrustees Travel Assistant are strictly Non-Medical. Some seniors who are stuck in their homes will find the courage to take a trip simply because you are a nurse, because you sympathize with their situations. As a nurse you can become their travel companion and ensure that they receive the encouragement and reminders that they need during their journey.

You will be providing freedom to these people. Imagine that. No longer does an elderly person or someone with slight, but completely manageable, faculty deficiencies have to stay in one place. As their Travel Assistant you can give them the confidence to change their travel story from a fantasy to a reality.

You will Meet New People

As a Travel Assistant you have the opportunity to meet new people that you would never have met as a nurse in a hospital. These people will love the personal attention that they receive from you and you will create a lot of new friendships.

Becoming a nurse already means that you are committed to helping others. So why not take this a step further by helping people to travel where they want to go? Not only that, but you will be paid well for doing this.

You Travel as well

Do you like travelling? Are there places in the US and abroad that you would love to visit? Well as a Travel Assistant this is all possible. You will travel with your client wherever they want to go. If the client needs you to be with them most of the time, then you might stay in the same hotel as they do, see the same entertainment as they do, see the same sights as they do.

Some of our clients want to take exotic vacations to far flung destinations. They need a Travel Assistant, so while they are basking in the sun so are you! Our Travel Assistants get to visit places that they could have only dreamed of before in their nursing careers.

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Make a Difference as a Travel Assistant

Travel Assistants really make a difference to people’s lives. They provide the means for people that were restricted in terms of travel to go wherever they want. This brings a great deal of joy to them as they can meet with family members and long lost friends. You can experience this joy with them.

TripTrustees is the number one name in travel assistance. Go to www.TripTrustees.com to apply/post a profile as a Travel Assistant in your hometown.

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American seniors aspire to travel.

Trip Trustees provides older Americans a connection to local Travel Assistants who display trust and reliability, from their careers in civic duty service and leadership in their own community.


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