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Naval Academy or Bust….Almost Bust

[How I hired someone to take my Dad on a trip of a lifetime]

I work full-time. How do I help my parents or grandparents travel?

I was surprised by the lack of available companies offering paid, trustworthy travel companions for seniors.

My name is Adam. Like most adult children, I want to help my parents and grandparents travel.  I was looking for a dependable person to help my dad with air travel and to be my dad’s travel buddy, helping him every step of the way.  My dad is 85 and needs help with the hassles of travel like baggage, driving, mass transportation & safety.

I was looking for a travel companion that could accompany my Dad & his grandkids on a special trip together.

Our parents have dreams unrealized?
professional travel companion Tallahassee Florida
professional travel companion Tallahassee Florida

My dad’s a proud Navy man, he graduated from the US. Naval Academy, he loves his country and he loves his school. It was important to my dad that he show his grandkids the place where he came of age, became a military officer, and studied for four years.

My career and family take up all my time.

Problem is, it is hard to take time away from my family and work schedule to take my dad on such a trip.

I’m a doctor and, in between taking care of my patients and taking care of my family, I just didn’t have the time. The same is true with my sister, she’s a lawyer and she’s managing lots of clients; with time in the courtroom she couldn’t take time off of work either, but dad really wanted to go see the Naval Academy.

He really did not want my sister and I to tag along, he wanted to take his grandkids and spend special time with them, in a special place.

Reality was sinking in. Just wasn’t in the cards…

So, with time running out we weren’t quite sure how we’re going to do it. We looked for companies for help, and as we waded through the sea of those who were available, we just couldn’t find the right fit, things weren’t looking good for dad’s trip to Annapolis.

…Or so I thought…Until I found TripTrustees

I turned to Gino Fina, the founder of TripTrustees.

As a registered nurse, and an airline pilot, he sees the importance in finding people to help with travel who have proven their trustworthiness, reliability, and credibility in their own lives.

“Adam came to me and asked for my help,” said Fina, “I’m a friend of the family and a registered nurse and I knew his dad needed a little help with travel but the family was only feeling comfortable if he was going to go with somebody that they knew they could trust.”.

Fina explained, “I was available so off we went. That trip to Annapolis was a huge success and  it changed my life. It made me realize that there an untold number of family members and friends out there who are looking for someone to help them to make their special trip.


They only hire off-duty (active or retired) 

  • Firefighters 
  • Paramedics
  • Registered Nurses
  • Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Retired Military and 
  • Flight Attendants

who live right here in our own community. “This is the type of person I want to help me when I need travel assistance, and I want them to be able to help you,” Fina said.

Because whether it’s a trip to the familiar or a journey to someplace new; in life we’ve learned that some occasions are just too important to miss.

Most all of us can think of someone who knows an older person in our community who would benefit from finding a reliable, professional travel companion to help facilitate a trip from doorstep-to-doorstep as a travel assistant. Seniors need to see family, go on vacations and attend events, just like everyone else.

So, visit Trip Trustees today and get the help you need to make your travel story a reality!”

Gino Fina, RN/ATP
(850) 391-8040
[email protected]

Gino Fina is a RN at TMH, an airline pilot and founder of Trip Trustees, helping older Americans travel by hiring off-duty &  retired civic-duty personnel as Travel Assistants


Trustworthy Travel Assistants

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