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Law Enforcement Officers Make Great Travel Assistants

As a law enforcement officer you are here to protect the public. People feel safe when you are around and you do a great job.

There is a way that you can use your knowledge and experience in law enforcement to help people and be rewarded for doing it. You can become a travel assistant with TripTrustees.

At TripTrustees we help people that need assistance to travel. Some of our clients have never traveled on an aircraft, ship or train before, or haven’t done so for a long time. They may need help driving, with luggage and a myriad of tasks along the way.  They are concerned about their safety and security and need a travel companion that will take good care of them on their trip.

Our Clients love Law Enforcement Travel Companions

If a person needs to make a trip and is concerned for their safety, who better to travel with than a law enforcement officer or retired law enforcement officer? A number of our clients actually ask us to pair them up with someone that has law enforcement experience. 

With a law enforcement officer accompanying them on their journey they will feel very safe and secure. 

Being a Travel Assistant is a Great Way to Use Your Time

We guess that you got into law enforcement because you wanted to help people and make a difference. Well you can do the same thing as a travel assistant. You will help our clients along the way to and from their final destination. They will be so grateful for your help.

TripTrustees help seniors travel to family events and meet up with old friends in far away cities and towns. A lot of these people have never been to new destinations before and are concerned that they don’t know the area and that they will be vulnerable.

With your experience as a law enforcement officer the client will feel a lot better making the trip to a city that they are unfamiliar with. They can count on you for protection and to help them to avoid any trouble. 

You will get a great deal of satisfaction from performing this role. We have a number of law enforcement officers that became travel assistants and they all say that they really enjoy the work. Our clients are always delighted when we tell them that we can provide a law enforcement officer as their travel companion.

Meet New People and see the World

You just never know who you are going to meet and where you will travel to as a travel assistant. Most of our clients make trips within the USA but some want to travel overseas for a vacation or to visit people that they know. You will have the choice to accept or reject a job so if you don’t want to travel abroad then you don’t have to.

It will be very rewarding for you to meet some law abiding citizens that just need your help and companionship on their trip. 

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Apply to become a Travel Assistant Today

With TripTrustees you will make good money as a travel assistant (set your own price). You will also be helping people which is very satisfying. Go to www.TripTrustees.com to create your profile and start helping people in your hometown.

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