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Are you a Firefighter? Consider the value you have to others as a Travel Assistant.

Everyone loves firefighters! People admire the work that they do and the courage they show to help others. If you were to ask the average person in the street which occupations they really trust, firefighters would be near the top of the list (if not at the top).

Many senior travel clients (and their families) would be delighted to have a brave firefighter as their Travel Assistant..

You can turn this well deserved trust to your advantage – become an as-needed, as-available, paid Travel Assistant with TripTrustees.  Seniors or their family members can hire during your off-duty time. You will receive a good level of pay for facilitating trips.  Most importantly, you’ll be helping change impossible trips into the possible.

If you are not sure what a Travel Assistant does, they basically help people travel around who cannot, or do not, want to travel alone. Some seniors are wary of things like driving, navigating airports or flying on planes.  They may be able to relax when they have their new firefighter friend as a travel companion – a real confidence builder.  So let’s take a look at the major benefits of being a Travel Assistant if you are a firefighter:

You can earn additional income during your downtime

A lot of firefighters have downtime during the winter months. They are busy during the hot summer months but they have a lot of downtime the rest of the year. So why not make additional income during this downtime as a Travel Assistant?

See what kind of income you could make as a travel assistant.

Travel Clients often ask for Firefighters as Travel Assistants

We get quite a few requests from clients for firefighters (or ex firefighters) to be their Travel Assistant. It’s all about the trust issue. Traveling with someone that they don’t know is a concern for a lot of people. So they think about who they would trust the most and firefighters are usually in their thoughts.

This means that you will have plenty of opportunities to get Travel Assistant gigs from us. If you don’t know what Travel Assistants earn, you will be pleasantly surprised.- we guarantee. 

Provide your help to those in need.

People that hire Travel Assistants want them to help with a number of things such as carrying their suitcases, pushing a wheelchair, helping them through the airport check-in and security processes and more.

As a firefighter you are going to be pretty fit and strong so clients are not going to have any concerns about your ability to help them.

The chance to Travel

You may travel to different destinations in the USA or overseas. You will have the opportunity to visit places with your clients that you haven’t been to before. 

They say that travel broadens the mind, and this is something that we really believe in. Not only will you be helping others to travel that cannot do it on their own, but you will experience the wonders of traveling abroad as a personal bonus.

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Become a Travel Assistant with TripTrustees

We are always looking for firefighters to become Travel Assistants at TripTrustees. If this appeals to you then please tell us about yourself and apply/post your profile online at TripTrustees.com to serve seniors and families in your local town.

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